Instructor's Summary

Mr. Dirk Horst

Mr. Dirk Horst is a Senior Control & Instrumentation Engineer with over 35 years of extensive experience in QMI (Quality Measuring Instruments), Process Analyzers, Crude Metering System, Analytical Instrumentation, Process Control & Instrumentation, On and Off-Line Gas Chromatography, Measuring Instruments, Calibrating Instruments, LNG Custody Transfer Analysis, ISO Standards, Natural Gas Determination of Composition and Associated Uncertainty by Gas Chromatography (ISO 6974), Quality Assurance Monitoring System and In-Line Gasoline Blending System.  He is Certified Instrument Trainer, Competence Assessor and Internal Verifier.

Mr. Horst has performed significant contributions in various industries for handling challenging positions such as an Engineering Trainer & Consultant, Process Analyzer Engineer, Instrument Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Design Engineer, Start-Up & Commissioning Engineer, Senior Advisor Quality Measuring Instruments, Senior Analytical Chemist and Team Leader.  He has imparted his practical experience and in-depth knowledge in different international companies including Shell Refinery, Shell Global Solutions, SIOP-Shell, Yokogawa LNG, QMI, Harburg Refinery, Nigeria LNG, Sakhalin LNG, SRTCA, Reliance Petroleum Refinery and many more.

Mr. Horst has a Bachelor degree in Instrumentation & Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of the Netherlands.  Further, he is “Qualified Internal Verifier” and a “Certified Competence Assessor” and has certifications in “Coaching” from the City & Guilds as well as “Flow Metering” and “Gas Chromatography Troubleshooting” from the Technical University Delft, The Netherlands.