Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mohamed Refaat

Mr. Mohamed Refaat, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in Rotating Equipment and Machinery including Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Motors, Turbo-expanders, Gears, etc. His wide experience also covers Piping, Pipelines, Valves, Lubrication Technology, Vibration Analysis, Power System Hydraulics, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), FMEA, Root Cause Analysis and Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting of machinery and rotating equipment including turbines, bearings, compressors, pumps etc. He is currently the Mechanical Maintenance Manager of the Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company where he is in charge of planning, scheduling & managing the execution of preventive & corrective mechanical maintenance activities for all equipment. He is responsible for executing the scheduled inspections & major overhauls for gas turbines, valves & pumps, carrying out off-line vibration monitoring plans, troubleshooting, fault diagnosing & investigating failures of machinery. 

During his career life, Mr. Refaat was able to modify the gas turbines self cleansing system to improve its maintainability and extend the air filters’ lifetime. He was responsible for defining & updating the equipment codes and parameters for replacing the old CMMS with MAXIMO. He also worked as the Operations Supervisor wherein he was closely involved with the operation of the crude oil internal pipeline system between the tankers and tank farm, operation & control of the booster pumps for pumping crude oil for main pipelines and the development & implementation of the plans & procedures for draining the main terminal internal lines for maintenance purposes. He also held the position of Measurement Engineer where he was responsible for the crude oil custody transfer, performing loss control analysis and operating the crude oil automatic sampler & related equipment.  Prior to that, he was the Design Engineer responsible for the design phase of the Truck Mixer Manufacturing Project of the Mechanical Design Department. 

Mr. Refaat has Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a GCE from the University of London, UK.