Instructor's Summary

Dr. Fahim Jauhary

Dr. Fahim Jauhary, PhD, BSc, is a Senior Chemical & Safety Engineer with over 40 years of practical experience in power & water utilities, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. His extensive experience covers the HAZOP, HAZMAT, HAZCOM, HAZWOPER, MSDS, Confined Space Safety and Gas Testing, Safety Relief Valves, Root Cause Analysis, Heat Exchanger, Tank & Tank Farms, Process Plant as well as the Risk Assessment, Corrosion Protection Systems, failure analysis, failure prevention, metallurgy and operation of water desalination plants, oil/gas fields, sewer cleaning, boilers, oil refineries, gas plants and fertilizer manufacturing. Presently, he is a highly regarded Industrial Consultant for major international companies. With his broad expertise, he is an authority in Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Relief Systems, PRV, POPRV & PORV, Corrosion & Metallurgy, Boiler & Steam Management, Water Treatment Technology, Water Desalination Technology, Condensate Storage Tank, Process Equipment, Process Plant Troubleshooting & Rehabilitation, Process Safety Management (PSM), Industrial Mixing, Refinery Technology, Process Plant Performance & Efficiency, Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Technologies, Metallurgical Failure Analysis & Prevention.

Previously, Dr. Fahim had worked with several international companies as the Executive Manager, Process Engineering Head, Engineering Design Head, Refinery Operations Manager, Production Planning & Control Superintendent and a Technical Adviser. His experience was not only confined to the industry alone. He was also able to largely contribute his expertise and impart his knowledge in the academe as a prestiged professor with the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria. He has engaged himself with researches and lectures in University. He is also a respected inventor and has authored numerous chemical engineering books. He has also largely contributed in the success of several important international conferences and seminars like the Environment Pollution & Control in Vienna, the Industrialization Conference, Energy Conservation in Chemical Plants, International Chemical Engineering Conferences and for the 3rd International Mining Conference.

Dr. Fahim has PhD, Bachelor degree and Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the University of Technology in Vienna, Austria. He is a member of the Engineering Association and prominent committees doing industrial training programs, discussions for chemical engineers, industrial project evaluation and lectures. He is fluent in several languages including Arabic, English and German.