Instructor's Summary

Dr. Mohamed Zayan

Dr. Mohamed Zayan, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with over 20 years of industrial experience in NEC (National Electrical Code), Power Cable Testing and Fault Location, Power Electronics, Power System Control, Transformers, Power & Distribution Transformers Troubleshooting,  Protective Relays and Control, Substation, Inverters, Rectifier; Industrial Automation in Co-Generation; Selection, Application, Operation, Protective Systems, Maintenance & Diagnostic Testing of Electrical Generators, Maintenance & Protection of Electrical Motors (induction, DC and Synchronous motors), Switchgears, Variable Speed Drives & Generators. Further, his expertise includes instrumentation, control, digital & data communications, VOIP, SDH, SONET, DWDM, ADM, APS, DCC, HFC, SPE, EDFA, MPLS, BER, networking, satellite communication, information technology, frequency assignment, system identification and adaptive control. He is an Authority in PLC, DCS, SCADA and Fieldbus engineering and technology and he has further worked with the latest NEC 2011 codes.

Dr. Mohamed has already proven his proficiency since the time he started his career as a Design Engineer with USAID wherein he is in-charge of designing and installing modern process computer control systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).  He later on worked as a Senior Communications Engineer where he administered the maintenance  &  operation of  VHF & UHF  transmitters.  Afterwards,  he moved  to be in-charge of System Engineering and operation of a Spacecraft and Satellite Control Center (SCC).  His duties also include system design, installation, testing & commissioning as well as developing and implementing the latest transmission, modulation, instrumentation, control, compression, coding, encryption & broadband techniques and applications.

Among his many achievements, Dr. Mohamed was nominated as a member of the Reviewing Committee of the International Conference on Computing Communications and Control Technologies (CCCT) of the University of Texas at Austin and the International Institute of Informatics and Systemic (IIIS) in the USA.   Motivated by his significant involvement and contribution in the industry, he has authored papers & publications about communication technology, instrumentation & control engineering and neural networks that were presented in various international conferences.  He has also lectured on various subjects such as flowmetering, instrumentation, control, microwave engineering, IT, system realization, neural networks, control systems and digital communication.

Dr. Mohamed has PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees in Instrumentation, Control & Communications Engineering and attained his postgraduate Diploma in Control Engineering from Matra Marconi Space (Toulouse Plant) in France.