Instructor's Summary

Dr. Ernest Nuckols

Dr. Ernest Nuckols, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Geophysicist and Petroleum Geologist with over 30 years of extensive experience in Reservoir Evaluation, Coil Tubing Technology, Reserves Management, Modeling, Drilling Technology, Development/Exploration Drilling, Geophysics, Wireline/MWD/LWD, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Environmental Compliance, Hydrological Studies, Environmental Site Audits and Project Management.  He is presently a Senior Consultant for JOEB Energy International wherein he provides senior level geoscience and engineering consultancy services to various oil/gas, geothermal andenvironmental industries such as the United States Department of Energy, Plummer, Nitron Advisors & Vista Research, Mauer Engineering, Science Applications International and Waste Policy Institute.

During his career life, Dr. Nuckols was the Deputy Director of the United States Department of Energy wherein he developed programs for National Advanced Oil Recovery, Wetlands Drilling and new technologies for domestic producers.  He coordinated and transferred field-based research to private industries (Amoco, EXXON, MOBIL), other federal agencies (USGS, EPA and DOD), international industries (BP, Dome), governments (ELF, AGIP) and universities (Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming in the USA).  He was also the Project Manager for the Geoscience & Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Project of the United States Department of Energy where he developed strategic implementation and funding plans for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Microbial EOR Research.  Prior to this, he was a Senior Petroleum Engineer in Teleco Oil Field Services where he managed the development of new formation evaluation and drilling engineering interpretative services for MWD Technology.  He was also the Senior Production Geologist of CHEVRON Oil Corporation in the USA where he was in charge for the development of oil & gas production reserves in the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent and Appalachian Regions.

Earlier in his career life, Dr. Nuckols was the Program Manager of Los Alamos National Laboratory for its Advanced Oil & Gas Extraction Technologies and he managed all new technology development for the extraction of oil & gas from unconventional energy resources.  He was also the Exploration Geologist of Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation where he was responsible for the exploration/production and development of natural gas/liquids producing fields in various parts of the USA. 

Dr. Nuckols has a PhD in Environmental Science, a Master degree in Petroleum Geology and a Bachelor degree in Geology from the West Virginia University, USA.