Instructor's Summary

Dr. Rashed Kaloop

Dr. Rashed Kaloop, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Structural & Civil Engineer with an extensive experience in AutoCad Civil 3D; Geographical Information System (GIS); Mapping Information Management Systems; Survey Engineering Applications; Global Positioning System (GPS); Applied Survey, Plane Survey, Aerial & Terrestrial Photogrammetry; Detailed Engineering Drawings, Codes & Standard; Surface Drainage Design System; Structural Reliability Analysis; Structural Design; Construction Materials; Concrete & Steel Structure Design, Inspection, Maintenance & Durability; Blast Resistant Risk Assessment & Mitigation; Structural Health Monitoring; Testing Equipment; Statistical Application; Least Square Theory; Geodesy & Geographical Engineering and Statistical Analysis. Further he is well versed many engineering software’s such as GIS Software, Matlab, Surfer, CAD programs and Finite Element Programs. He is currently the Manager of the GIS unit at the University of Mansoura.

Dr. Kaloop is very active in academic activities for venturing respectable position as an Assistant Professor & Lecturer of different international universities. Further, he is a journal editor and reviewer of an international journal for structural engineering and mechanics as well as for information processing management and he has published 13 numerous papers mainly for Civil, Structural, Mechanics Engineering and Information Technology. He has further occupied key positions such as Survey & Design Structure Engineer and Structure Design Engineer.

Dr. Rashed has PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering with Honours from the Harbin University.