Instructor's Summary

Mr. Magdy Mansour

Mr. Magdy Mansour, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Drilling & Petroleum Engineer with over 25 years of extensive experience in the Offshore & Onshore Oil & Gas fields. He is very well-versed in the areas of Hydraulic Fracturing Applications, EOR, Thermal Oil Recovery, Steam Injection Technology, Well Planning, Well Drilling, Well Completion, Well Workover, Well Servicing, Well Testing, Well Control, Well Production, Well Maintenance, Well Integrity, Drilling Project Management, Drilling Fluids, Blowout Prevention, Directional, Horizontal & Multilateral Drilling, Coiled Tubing, Log Analysis, Down Hole Techniques, Well Cementing, Fishing and Milling. Presently, he is the Chief Drilling Engineer for one of the largest oil companies in the Middle East wherein he takes charge of all drilling operations involving offset wells, designing primary & secondary cement jobs, well drilling prognosis, analysis and interpretation.

Mr. Mansour’s vast onshore and offshore experience in the petroleum industry can be traced back to his stint with international companies such as British Petroleum (BP), British Gas, SANTAFE, EXXON, AMOCO and AGIP, where he worked as a Drilling Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Production Engineer and Senior Field Operations Engineer. He was handling major projects on onshore and offshore rigs conducting drilling operations, field operations, production and engineering. Much later in his career, he had been the Drilling General Manager where he managed the daily drilling operations and trained rig supervisors on how to handle the operation in normal oil drilling practice while using applied drilling parameters.

Mr. Mansour has Master and Bachelor degrees in Petroleum Engineering. His passion for development and acquiring new skills and knowledge has taken him all over the world to attend technical trainings in Scotland, Colorado, New Orleansand Texas.