Instructor's Summary

Captain Mike Allen

Captain Mike Allen, MSc, BSc, is an International Health & Safety Expert in Oil/Gas Marine Terminal Operations & Management with over 30 years of field experience. He is presently the Master-OIM of the Deepwater Pathfinder, Transocean Drilling’s Flagship DP-3 Drillship. He has likewise served as Master-OIM on other Dynamically Positioned (DP) 5th and 6th Generation Drill Ships and Semi-submersibles (MODU) as well as dynamically positioned platform supply vessels, anchor handling tugs and cable/pipe lay vessels. With his extensive marine and oilfield management experience, he is an Unrestricted Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and has also become an internationally recognized Safety Expert and is IGC certified by the National Examination Board of Health & Safety (NEBOSH). Further, he has extensive trainings and experience in Lifting, Rigging, Slinging and Scaffolding operations covering many different types of project, Dynamic Positioning, Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA), Bridge Resource Management (BRM), Risk Reliability Management, Radar Observer (Unlimited), Storage Tank Fire Hazard Management, Advanced Marine/Industrial Fire-fighting, Celestial Navigation, OSHA HAZWOPER, Confined Space Entry & Rescue, Cargo Rigging, STCW-95 Basic Safety Training, First Class (A) Marine Crane Operations, Hazardous Materials Transportation, Maritime Business & Law, Tankerman PIC Barge DL & LG, FCC Marine Radio operation and PIC Medical activities.

Captain Allen has consulted in various marine/safety capacities for major international companies such as Shell, Petrobas, Exxon-Mobil, British Petroleum (BP) and Chevron on topics including offshore international management, project operations management, process safety management, industrial/marine risk analysis & control, hazardous materials storage & transportation, marine environmental management, rig site coordinator, lifting and rigging specialist, marine bulk oil storage and transportation, marine construction & certification, crude shipments & oil terminal projects, and the supervision & execution of shipping and port/terminal operations.

Captain Allen has Master and Bachelor degrees in Education from the University of Rhode Island (USA) and is currently completing a PhD in Education at the University of New Hampshire (USA). Further, he is a licensed USCG Master Unlimited, certified as Captain for all Tonnage and all Oceans and certified by the Nautical Institute as an “Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Operator” and National Examination Board of Health Safety as a “Safety Expert”.   Moreover, he is an active member of several prestigious organizations such as the Nautical Institute, the Marine Society, the Council of American Master Mariners, the American Educational Research Association, the Propeller Club, Phi Kappa Delta International, the American Anthropological Association, the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, and the Royal Society of Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors. Additionally, he spends his shore-side time teaching and conducting research from homes in Halifax, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.