Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mohamed Saad

Mr. Mohamed Saad is a Senior Security Professional with over 20 years of industrial experience in the field of Building/Industrial Security, Access Control & Security Systems, International Ship & Port Security and Security Skills Development.

Currently, he is the Head of the Security Department for Suez Oil Company and is tasked to supervise the plant’s overall security, administer the application of the company’s security regulations & measures, control base entry points and ensure adequate application of contract term, obtain the necessary security permit for company & contractors staff and assure the safety of the plant personnel through compliance with occupational safety & health regulations.

Mr. Saad is well-versed in the development, application and implementation of industrial security systems and plans and has delivered numerous trainings and seminars related to Security & Safety and Security Skills Development.  He is also actively involved in the development and improvement of Plant Security/Safety programs on site and technical safety procedures.  One of his main duties is the implementation of the Safety and Environmental Rules to the field staff. Further, he coordinates Security & Safety meetings on the site.

Mr. Mohamed Saad has a Bachelor degree in Commerce at the Assiut University and a Diploma in Public Relations & Media.