Instructor's Summary

Dr. Mohamed Tariq

Dr. Mohamed Tariq is a Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with over 25 years of industrial experience.  His expertise extends widely over the areas of National Electrical Code (NEC), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), Power Generation, Generator Excitation Systems, Circuit Breakers & Switchgears, Power Systems Control & Stability, Electrical Fault Analysis, Electric Distribution System Equipment, Electric Power System, Motors and VSDs as well as Gas Turbine, Flowmeter Technolology, Industrial & Power Electronics, Process Control & Instrumentation, FieldBus, Process Automation, Manufacturing Automation, High Speed Ethernet Network, HART, Digital Communication Networks, Power Factor Protection Technology, Electrical Control Systems, SIL, SIS, ESD, Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Fibre Optics Technology. Further, his experience has proven him well in the practice and has given him the chance to work with international organizations such as the Instrument Society of America (ISA), the Institute of Measurements and Control, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA).

During Dr. Tariq’s career life, he gained extensive experience in the electrical, instrumentation and control systems engineering field through various challenging engineering & managerial positions that he filled while working. With the knowledge and skills he gained herein, he has produced over 100 publications and papers that were presented to numerous gatherings like the International Conference on System Modelling & Control; International Conference on Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy; International Conference of Control Signals and Systems; the UICEE Annual Conference on Engineering Education, the ETMSA (Energy Technology Modeling, Simulation and Applications), the Symposium on Energy Technology, Modeling, Simulation & Applications. Those papers were also published in journals such as the NETA Journal; the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Journal; the International Journal of Power and Energy Systems; the Journal of the Electricity Supply Industry; the International Journal of Computers and Applications; the Journal of the Electronics Technology and the Quantum Journal.  

Dr. Tariq has a PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees in Electronic Engineering.  As a well respected member of the IEEE, he is actively engaged with numerous projects in affiliation with the Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society  (AESS-IEEE), the Circuits and Systems Society (CSS-IEEE), the Lasers and Electro-optics Society (LES- IEEE) and the Power Electronic Society (PELS-IEEE).