Instructor's Summary

Mr. Taha Mabrouk

Dr. Abdul Mabrouk, PhD, MSc, is a Professor with the Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering in the Suez Canal University,  and also with the Faculty of Engineering in the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

Dr. Mabrouk’s areas of expertise lie on Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Design of Sea Water Desalination Processes

Dr. Mabrouk’s dedication to his profession has brought him to take part in quite a number of published research works such as  Investigation of the Parameters Affecting the Energy for Sea-Water Desalination, A new Visual Package for Simulation of Desalination ProcessesEnergy and Thermoeconomic Evaluation of MSF Process Using a New Visual PackageThermoeconomic Investigation of Multi Effect Evaporation (MEE) and Hybrid Multi Effect Evaporation – Multi Stage Flash (MEE-MSF) SystemsEnergy and Thermoeconomic Evaluation of Modified Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Plant ConfigurationsThermoeconomic Evaluation of Multi-Effect Evaporation – Thermal Vapor Compression (MEE-TVC) Desalination Process, Thermoeconomic Design of Mechanical Vapor Compression DesalinationThermoeconomic Analysis of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Desalination,   Thermoeconomic Analysis of Multi Stage Flash-Thermal Vapor Compression (MSF-TVC) Desalination System,   Analysis of a New Design of Multi Stage Flash – Mechanical VaporThermoeconomic Analysis of some Existing Desalination Processes, A Visual Flowsheeting Program for Thermoeconomic Analysis of Desalination Processes.

To top that, he is currently engaged in a few research projects like the Modern Desalination Project ; the Gasification and IGCC Plant Design;  the Humidification – Dehumidification Desalination System, and developing a Visual Package for Design and Simulation of Cogeneration Plants.

Dr. Mabrouk has a PhD degree in Energy Engineering, Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering.