Instructor's Summary

Dr. Leslie Gornall

Dr. Leslie Gornall, PhD, BSc is an International Expert in Waste Water Treatment Technologies with 30 years of extensive experience in Waste Water Treatment & Processing, Oily Water Treatment Technology, Drinking Water Strategies, Sewage Sludge Treatment, Design and Use of Biogas Equipment.  He is currently the President of Practically Green Environmental Services which provides consultancy services in Waste Water and Sewage Works to various international companies such as BP, Kinnegar WWTW, Inishown, John Brown Engineering, Belfast, Ford UK among many others.

During his career life, Dr. Gornall was a Senior Process Consultant of Brooks Engineering for several Waste Water projects including oily water treatment, aerobic & anaerobic sewage and waste water plants majoring in pumping stations, pipelines, aerobic & anaerobic processes, sludge handling, biogas production, CHP, activated sludge, centrifuges, belt & drum thickeners, screening & degritting plant.  His clients were from different industries in Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  He has done numerous process commissioning projects in many companies worldwide such as the process development & engineering design/installation of new components for Southern Water to increase performance; commissioning of 3,000 m3 primary/secondary digesters, 2 SAS thickening centrifuges and 3 dewatering cake centrifuges for Siemens/Anglian Water; achieved a Thermie Award for building & producing up to 7 volumes of biogas per volume of digester each day which has gained a world-record and many others.  Prior to that, Dr. Gornall was the Founder & Co-Director of Greenland Systems wherein he designed and built a composting factory and high solids anaerobic digesters and CHP Units (around American AJAX engine).  He also led the completion of the commissioning of a large company’s Slurry Processing System in the USA. Even earlier, he was involved in the engineering design in aerospace industry and developed the fastest 50HP motor then inexistence.  He has also spent years in the Quality Control in Medical Device Manufacturing Industry where he wrote British Standards on anaesthesia in committee SGS15/1.

Dr. Gornall was also the Professor in the University of Ulster, University of Belfast and the University of Florida in biology, environmental engineering, solar architecture, microbiology, anaerobic digestion, production of composts & soil conditioners.  He also lectured on anaerobic digestion of high solid wastes organized by Tiry Engineering.  Dr. Gornall also lectured on several astronomical subjects for the Irish Astronomical Association.  He was the Science & Engineering Ambassador with SETNET and a judge for the Seagate Young Innovators Competition in UK

Dr. Gornall has PhD, MSc. and Bachelors degrees in Environmental Science from the University of Ulster in UK.  He is a Registered Environmental Biologist, an active member of the European Institute of Biology, a former member of the Society of General Microbiology, Institute of Quality Assurance and the Institute of Diesel & Gas Turbine Engineers.  He has achieved numerous awards such as the Pollution Abatement Technology Award, Clean Technology Award in Belgium and two-time winner of Smart Award from the Department of Trade & Industry.  He has various publications on waste & water treatment and other related subjects which were circulated world-wide.