Instructor's Summary

Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed

Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed, PhD, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with over 35 years of extensive experience in the Power, Petroleum, Petrochemical and Utilities. He specializes in Power Quality, Disturbance Analysis, Blackout, Power Network, Power Distribution, Power Systems Control, Power Systems Security, Power Electronics, Electrical Substations, Tariff Design & Structure Analysis, Engineering Drawings, Codes & Standards, P&ID Reading, Interpretation & Developing, PLC, SCADA, DCS, Process Control, Instrumentation, Automation, Power Generation, Process Control Instrumentation, SIS, SIL, ESD, Alarm Management Systems, Fieldbus Systems and Fiber Optics as well as the service pricing of these.  He is currently the Systems Control Manager of Siemens where he is in-charge of Security & Control of Power Transmission Distribution & High Voltage Systems and he further takes part in the Load Records Evaluation & Transmission Services Pricing.

During his career life, Dr. Ahmed has been actively involved in different Power System Activities including Roles in Power System Planning, Analysis, Engineering, HV Substation Design, Electrical Service Pricing, Evaluations & Tariffs, Project Management and also in Teaching and Consulting. His vast industrial experience was honed greatly when he joined many International and National Companies such as Siemens, Electricity Authority and ACETO industries where he focused more on dealing with Technology Transfer, System Integration Process and Improving Localization. He was further greatly involved in manufacturing some of Power System and Control & Instrumentation Components such as Series of Digital Protection Relays, MV VFD, PLC and SCADA System with intelligent features.

Dr. Ahmed is well-versed in different electrical and instrumentation fields like Load Management Concepts, PLC Programming, Installation, Operation and Troubleshooting, AC Drives Theory, Application and Troubleshooting, Industrial Power Systems Analysis, AC & DC Motors, Electric Motor Protection, DCS SCADA, Control and Maintenance Techniques, Industrial Intelligent Control System, Power Quality Standards, Power Generators and Voltage Regulators, Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Application and Testing Techniques, Transformer and Switchgear Application, Grounding for Industrial and Commercial Assets, Power Quality and Harmonics, Protective Relays (O/C Protection, Line Differential, Bus Bar Protection and Breaker Failure Relay) and Project Management Basics (PMB).

Dr. Ahmed has PhD, Master & Bachelor degrees in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA. Further, he has numerous papers published internationally in the areas of Power Quality, Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage, SMES role in Power Systems, Power System Blackout Analysis, and Intelligent Load Shedding Techniques for preventing Power System Blackouts, HV Substation Automation and Power System Stability.