Instructor's Summary

Captain Aly Torky

Captain Aly Torky is an International Expert in Port Operations & Security Management with over 20 years of field experience.  His expertise evolves in Marine Terminal Operations & Management, Port Facility Security, International Ship & Port Security (ISPS), Navigation Aids, Radar, GPS, Echo Sounder, Marine Survey & Inspection, Anchor Handling, LPG/LNG Ships Handling, Offshore Operation, Marine Communication Systems, Oil & Gas Pipeline Operation, ISGOTT, ISPS and MARPOL. Further, he is an expert in Towing, Fire Prevention & Firefighting, Pollution Fighting, Rescue Operation, Damaged Control Operations, Fuel & Water Supply Operations and Clearance Operations. Currently, he is the ASD Tug Master of Smit/Shilpaya in Holland where he is responsible in Damietta LNG terminal and sea gas operation.

During his career life, Captain Torky had gained his tremendous marine experience through various sea services all over the world as the Captain, Ship Chief Officer, Naval Officer, Training Master, Tug Master, Harbor Master, Coast Guard and Ship Security.

Captain Torky has a Bachelor degree in Marine Science of Naval Engineering. He is also a Certified Practitioner & Trainer as well as a Certified Master on sea going ships of 500 grosses tonnage and more.