Instructor's Summary

Mr. Russell Mason

Mr. Russell Mason is an International Expert in Lifting & Rigging Operations with over 20 years of experience in Crane, Rigging, Slinging, Lifting and Deck Operations, Construction Operations, Scaffolding, Forklift, Safety Audits, Compliance with OSHA Safety Requirements and other heavy equipment operations. His experience includes HLO and Welding operations.  He is currently an Independent Consultant providing consultancy services on Lifting, Rigging, and Crane Operations to various companies all over Australia, Europe and Asia

During his career life, Mr. Mason worked as a Senior Construction Manager, Construction Manager, Construction Supervisor, Lifting & Rigging Superintendent, Lifting & Rigging Supervisor, Deck Operations Supervisor, Crane Operator and Rigging Specialist.  He worked in various companies such as AUST Corporation, Rydans Construction, All Area Rigging Company, Le Blanc Communications, Fluor Daniel, James Hardie Construction, NQEA, Citra Construction, Humes Construction and Queensland Public Works & Highways. 

Mr. Mason has a Bachelor degree in Engineering & Industrial Skills.  He has obtained international certifications for Advanced Rigging, Advanced Scaffolding, Mobile Crane (PIN-JIB, Hydraulic, no tonnage restriction), Dogman, Forklift, O/H Gantry, Front End Loader and other heavy equipment.