Instructor's Summary

Mr. Walter Schwellnus

Mr. Walter Schwellnus is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of Electrical Engineering experience in diverse industriesHe is currently the Electrical Maintenance Manager of Rand Water & Electricity where he is in charge of maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical equipments.  He is managing the entire electrical maintenance component including system design, protection scheme, MV switchgear, motor induction for MW and LV Switchgear. Further, he is providing technical support for electrical engineering projects, carrying-out low voltage cabling and reviewing electrical designs as well as preliminary and protection designs

Mr. Schwellnus gained his technical expertise and skill through several challenging positions such as a Chief Electrical Engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer, Senior Engineer, Electrical & Instrumentation Section Engineer, Engineer and Junior Engineer for international companies such as the Iscor Works, Rand Water, Stewart Scott International, Botswana Ash and many more. During these stages, he become an expert in instrumentation, electrical design system, electrical distribution, protection system and electrical equipment including switchgear (11kV/3.3kV and 2.2kV/400V), transformers, motors (3.3kV up to 33kV), VFD, VSD, MV/LV cabling, 6.6kV/400V miniature substations and 6.6kV power supply

Mr. Schwellnus has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. Further, he is an active member of several prestigious organizations such as the Chartered Electrical Engineer and the Institution of Engineering & Technology.  Moreover, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers.