Instructor's Summary

Mr. Ismael Ibrahim

Mr. Ismael Ibrahim, MSc, BSc, is a Senior Reservoir & Petroleum Engineer with over 30 years of extensive experience within the Oil & Gas industry. His specialization in the field of Drilling, Reservoir and Petroleum Engineering includes Steam Flood Reservoir Management; Steam Injection; Well Completion, Testing & Workover; Mud Engineering & Cementing; Detailed Reservoir Study of Oil Fields consisting Well Performance, Nodal Analysis, Petrophysical, PVT, Well-Log Analysis, Volumetric and Reserved Oil Calculations, Reservoir Pressure Distribution, Crude Oil Types & Accumulations Distribution and Reservoir Simulation using the BOAST, WinBOAST Simulation, SIMBEST II, Rock Work, KPVT, ECLIPSE, PETREL, Pan Systems, and PERFORM  software.

During Mr. Ibrahim’s long career life, he has been the Director for Reservoir & Fields Development of the Ministry of Oil, where he handled oil fields reservoir studies, well testing analysis, PVT analysis, petrophysical analysis, reservoir simulation and field development projects.  Previously, he worked with them as the Chief Reservoir Engineer, Senior Reservoir Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Cementing Engineer and Drilling Engineer where he supervised numerous oil & gas well tests.  Further to this, he is currently continuously delivering various international lectures and seminars on Prediction of Well Performance by using Vogel’s Method, Well Acidizing by HCL & HFL, Cementing Operations in Oil Wells and Formation Water Control in Producing Wells: Reasons & Treatment.

Earlier,  Mr. Ibrahim has been the Project Manager, Cement Bulking Plant Manager, Assistant Project Manager and Executive Plant Engineer globally and was the Senior Well Testing Engineer of North Oil Company  where he supervised the design & operation, oil & gas wells testing, well log analysis, and acidizing to producing wells without rig.  Having worked with the Central Petroleum Organization, Halliburton and Iraq National Oil Company occupying key positions such as a Cementing Engineer, Well Site Drilling Supervisor, Workover Site Engineer and Drilling Site Engineer, he greatly delved into operations on well completion, testing & workover, well site drilling and mud engineering, designing and performing several cement jobs.

Mr. Ibrahim has Master and Bachelor degrees in Petroleum & Reservoir Engineering from the Russian State University (Moscow).