Instructor's Summary

Mr. Christopher Myers

Mr. Chris Myers, BMil (BA), is an ex Navy Commander and an International Expert in Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Systems (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). His wide experience covers a range of subsea work undertaken that includes deep-water construction, underwater inspection, diver support (saturation, mixed gas and air), search & recovery, seabed mining support, drill support, law enforcement and body retrieval tasks. He had a long and distinguished career in the Navy as a Lieutenant, Surface Warfare and Navigation Officer, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator, Strike Craft Operator and Physical Training Instructor. Further, he was responsible for neutralizing and removing underwater sabotage ordinances. Having retired from the service as a Commander, Mr. Myers spent a period as a Harbour Master before moving on, and currently working as ROV Company Representative, Superintendent, Supervisor and Pilot Technician on various projects using ROV’s and AUV’s for International Companies in the offshore subsea services industry. During this period, Mr. Myers gained experience using various manipulators, grabbers, rotary and hydraulic cutters and has also gained invaluable sensor experience.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Myers worked as ROV Projects Manager, Vessel Master, Reserve Force Officer, Seaman, Navigation & Surface Warfare Officer.Further, he has done operational experience that includes diver support, drill support, construction support (pipe-lay, structure abandonment, hook-up operations, field construction, repair and maintenance), Inspection of wrecks, drilling and pipeline surveying.  Although he has retired from the navy he has enlisted as a Reserve Officer in the Navy for special projects. Furthermore, he has a competent knowledge of legislation as well as Health Safety and Environmental awareness issues.

Mr. Myers has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Military Science where he majored in Military Strategy. Further, he has done postgraduate executive Diplomas on Fiber Optics, Electrical and High Voltage Safety and Limited Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging.