Instructor's Summary

Mr. Dario Medina

Mr. Dario Medina, MA, BSc, has over 30 years of extensive experience in Oil Spill and Environmental Management in the Oil industry. His experience includes Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Oil Spill Management, Infection Control, Air Quality Management, Environmental Impact Analysis, Hazardous Waste Management, HAZMAT & HAZCOM and Environmental Engineering & Technology. Presently, he is the General Manager for Envirolab Consultores Ambientales & Servicios.

Mr. Medina started his successful career as Environmental Affairs Coordinator, wherein he was involved in oil spill prevention inspection, prepare monthly reports based on oil spill data, supervision of onsite oil spill collection operations, coordinate oil spillage prevention through aerial inspections, give talks to land crews on minimizing oil spills and update local contingency plans.  Then he became a Technical Representative wherein his main duty was to carryout all company registration procedures and consultancy work for operative phases of oil and petrochemical environmental projects at international level.  He also worked as an Environmental Protection Supervisor, Environmental Advisor and Waste Management Advisor. In these positions, he worked comprehensively on advising operative departments regarding prevention and control of oil spillage, hazardous waste handling, environmental monitoring of surface and underground waters, remediation plan for oil-based cuttings and technical advise on standards in the current legislation.

During his long career life, Mr. Medina worked for world class companies such as Geophysical Services Incorporation, Corpozulia, Chevron, Port of Florida, Ambiente, YPF International and ENI.  His main job on the above companies was to prevent, respond and manage Oil Spills and to protect the environment.  His wealthy experience in Oil Spill management is incomparable and put him in the front in this area worldwide.