Instructor's Summary

Mr. Wyn Dutoit

Mr. Wyn Dutoit, MSc, BSc, is an International Expert in Analytical Chemistry & Water Treatment Technology with over 25 years of extensive experience in Analytical Laboratory Management and Water & Wastewater Treatment Engineering. He is currently the Laboratory Manager of ERWAT Laboratories where he is in charge of 9 laboratories in different regions and the Plant Manager of East Rand Water. He also provides trainings to authorities on laboratory accreditation, ISO 17025, laboratory management and technical & professional consulting.

Throughout Mr. Dutoit’s lengthy career, he has been experienced in Data Analysis, laboratory analysis and management with emphasis on accreditation, and skilled in developing & implementing standardised policies & procedures. Further, he is an expert in the field of water & wastewater management, with strong emphasis in laboratory analysis & accreditation (ISO 17025). His expertise also include but are not limited to Laboratory Quality Management, Safety & Health, GLP, Uncertainty of Measurement & Method Validation, Operation of Chemical Laboratories (Equipments, Instruments, Quality & Safety), Chemistry for Laboratory Analysts & Technicians, Industrial & General Analytical Chemistry, Risk Assessment, Emergency Response & Job Safety, Industrial Waste Recycling, Water Treatment Technology, Thermal Desalination, RO Membrane Desalination and MSF Plants with emphasis on accreditation, and skilled in developing & implementing standardized policies & procedures.

Mr. Dutoit has a Master degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor degree in Analytical Chemistry. He is a Certified Auditor for ISO 17025.