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At Haward Technology, we improve on client feedback. It makes us very proud that after joining our seminars and workshops, our clients bring home new and useful insights that they can apply in their respective jobs.

Please take a moment to read what our clients have to say about us. Keeping our clients happy is our #1 priority!

"Firstly, BAC has been providing expert consultancy support to institutions, awarding bodies and governments. Over the past year we have been in discussion with the Higher Education Council, part of Bahrain’s Ministry of Education, regarding providing support in setting up an accreditation framework for Bahrain’s private universities. On 16 September 2013, the contract to begin this project was signed by me and Prof Riyad Hamzah, Secretary General of the Higher Education Council. The first scoping phase of this project has been completed and we will shortly progress to the development of a system of accreditation."

We continue to receive requests to meet and share insight with overseas government agencies and in July from Singapore’s Education Ministry and Turkey’s Education Ministry.

In July 2013, Haward Technology (http://www.haward.org/) was the first organisation to achieve BAC accreditation as an International Centre. Haward Technology provides technical training in the energy and engineering sectors and has a portfolio of around 1500 courses. Training is offered in numerous locations including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha. Upon receiving accreditation, Ms Paulette Sangalang (General Manager – Operations) reported that: “Truly, this is again another important milestone for Haward Technology in our continued and consistent efforts to provide only the best internationally-recognised courses to our clients globally.” Congratulations to Haward Technology.

Finally, to continue with the international theme, BIS has launched its International Education strategy, which recognises the value of the UK’s international education sector and outlines how it intends to grow such services over the next period."

Gina Hobson
British Accreditation Council (BAC)

Regarding the training course “EE168: Ex01-Ex04 Gas & Vapours (Electrical/Instrumentation Installation, Maintenance & Inspection)” conducted from 27-Sept to 01 Oct 2015 by HAWARD technology at Royal Rose Hotel was much knowledgeable to me. I gave big thanks to the instructor Dr. Sayed for sharing his wide knowledge and experience about the total concept of the training, likewise with training coordinator Miss Jenny for her best support to all of us. Overall view of the training course was good that every trainee is looking for. Only thing that was not in it was the practical hands on training but theoritically it is one of the great training that I had. Thanks You!

Mr. Nelson Sarmiento
Electrical Technician

The Certified Fiber Optics Professional (CFOP) course which was attended in Dubai was an excellent course and I recommend for Telecom & Network Engineers to attend it since it is directly related to their field. In addition, the instructor’s experience help us to understand the course material. Also, the course coordinators were very helpful. Overall view of the training course was good that every trainee is looking for. Only thing that was not in it was the practical hands on training but theoritically it is one of the great training that I had. Thanks You!

Mr. Tariq Al-Mandhari
Telecom Engineer

"About the subject it’s almost of our group are felt satisfied and interest. So its mean you follow the right strategist."

Mr. Ibrahim A. Al Khalifa
Shift Supervisor

"The training was excellent, there are a lot of take away that I can implement at PETRONAS. The trainer’s is very knowledgably. The organizer is so caring, responsible and accountable in treating the trainer and the participants.** 5 STAR TO HAWARD TECH**"

Mr. Fadzli Bin Mohd Zain
Sr. Executive Warehouse Operation

"Actually this course was great from all side Instructor, training coordinator, materials and location.

Mr. Mohammed hammami has high knowledge and experience and I got a lot of information from him also the material was rich of information. The training coordinator was full support and she tried to make everything easy for me.

At the end thank you to HAWARD for providing this course while only one participate attended the course. I appreciate your believes in your message to provide the sciences to people as priority."

Mr. Mohammed A. Hakami

I would like to recommend that the course was amazing, extended my knowledge in archiving area a lot, and gained enough experience and looked forward for much better background in the course about documentation a lot honestly. Looking forward, I am happy to have more courses with you guys.

Mr. Faris AL Mazrouei
Document Control Assistant

I would like to thank you and your respectful institute Haward Technology for all efforts provided in the course “Certified Occupational Health, Safety & Industrial Hygiene Safety in Industrial Plants (Accredited by the Health Authority-HAAD)".

The course met all my requirements, provided me with valuable information, cases and procedures which will reflect and improve my performance in work duties and tasks.

Also, I'm really appreciate the efforts of instructor Mr. Drag, his explanation methods and the easily way to deliver the information's/ ideas.

Thank you again and wish you & Haward Technology success in future.

Dr. Tamer Said
Administration Officer 2

Really a very good course and a highly enjoyable week. Trainers were excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. Huge breadth of knowledge and the ability to tie the different ends together and draw general lessons. The instructor has various backgrounds and work experience that helps us to discuss a lot of case studies in our daily work challenges. I have personally gained enormous amount knowledge in fiber optic technology that will now be applied to my duties.

Mr. Haitham Al Dulijan
Engineer III

I am here to tell you about my impression about and my future expectation from Haward Technology.

Really I am very glad for attending the valuable course with you and I am very happy from the instructor Mr Nikolas who is very friendly and has rich practical in this field.

About arrangement of the course, really for me and my colleagues we are satisfaction and the most important observation in this, all the period of the course when we come to the lecture we found your supervisor of this course present early and she prepare everything for us she is doing her job very well. Before our visit to your office, I put in mind unclear image for your company specially when no one from your management come to us during the course as we familiar but really after that as I told miss Maha ,you will be the favorite training center which can co operate with it in our training program. In general we are satisfied enough.

Mr. Elwalid Yousif Musa
Head of Environmental Lab
GIAD Industrial Group

"A warmest day, For me I have 100 percent satisfied to this course and I have not any comment in every aspect of this course, I really have Learned many things regarding in this course and I would like to thanks every staff in your good company, management Instructors, Etc."

Mr. Jonathan Laxamana
Electrical Technician

First of all I would like to thank you and thank Haward Technology for such great arrangment for this course, the Subject was very effective in our daily life as the work life too.

About the course it was great presented by the Instructor and the time was well enough to recive the informaitions, the arrangment of the course was great also, personally I see this as a really touching our daily work acts. So it was a good time with benefit for me and it’s my pleasure to join you in future courses.

Mr. Mohammed Rashed

"Thank you for your email, and the attachment pic. I was very nice and kind from you to manage the course, as well as the great attention from you. The course was helpful and I got what I’m looking for to help my run my job as it is requested from me. The Instructor is very great and he handled the course in very nice way, as well he is very educated. Furthermore, I’m looking to attend other courses with Haward in future. "

Mr. Ali A. Al-Hashim
Senior Food Specialist

First of all I want to thank you for your email, it was very nice course with one of the expert in the valve field. It was very useful course and material, well prepared and organized. I enjoy it a lot and it will add great value to my daily activities.

Instructor has wide experience in different fields, it was very healthy discussion about deep technical problems and he supported me a lot in this matter.

Again thank you very much for this course and well arrangement.

Mr. Muhammad A Asiri
Manager, Central Shops Services (CSS) Section

I would say I really appreciate how you valued your delegates on the training, for selecting a good venue and selecting a competent instructor, which is very flexible to the delegates and it’s a wonderful experience to be a part of your training program.

I hope we will meet again in the future for other training in line with my career.

Mr. Gerardo B. Alcazar
Mechanical Engineer
S2 O&M

"The course objective, material, location & instructor was great and meeting my expectation. Looking forward to attend another course with you."

Mr. Hamoud Mohamed Al Harrasi
Condition Monitoring Supervisor

First of all I would like to thank you and congratulatins to Haward Technlogy Middle East for a successful Training on high Voltage Eletrical Safety.

the said training, our Instructor Mr. Pan Marave was very enthusiastic about the topic which makes it more interesting and easy to understand even for Non electrical engineers like other participants. It was a very remarkable and full of new learnings week.

Mr. Pan (out instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject and he makes sure that we understood each topic that he discusses.

Again thank you Haward Technology for a job well done on the training and hope we will have another successful session/training again in the future.

Mr. Vic Ian Lacar
Site Supervisor

I am writing this letter to as a recommendation to anyone willing to enroll in a course with Haward, it has been a pleasurable experience which benefited me and, hopefully, will benefit all future participants. I look forward to my next course with Haward.

Mr. Salem Saif Al Shehhi
Water Network Study Engineer

"This course was useful and helpful, it added additional precious skills to my career. The venue, training kit, course materials and preparation for this course were excellent and more than great. The instructor was experienced and able to explain the material in a professional way. I recommend this course for every engineer working in water transmission and distribution fields."

Eyad Zayed
Water Shift Engineer

"The course was so good and beneficial and i got interesting information that will help me in my work. Thank you and I really appreciate all what you did to make us comfortable. The instructor was very good, the way of the teaching and his explanation for all the course details was so good, and he was supportive and helpful. I really appreciated his effort. Thank you very much."

Ahmed Talaat
SUMED (Egypt)

"The course was very applicable to my work. The course coordinator was very helpful, open for any discussion and receive all comments or request related to the course. The performance of the instructor, the material presented all contributed in making this course excellent. All the information manual and slides are good reference and useful for future career development. Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to have another course with your company."

Mehdi Ahmed
Trainee 1st Line Engineer
ALBA - Aluminium Bahrain (Bahrain)

"The course (ME172) was indeed awesome training experience!! The best training I have ever had in my professional career. The content, presentations and site visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE was consistently of high quality and engaging. The instructor was experienced-packed, he is a good teacher and can address any questions through practical analysis, demonstration and from engineering first principle like a PRO. I will surely come back to Haward Technology Middle East. Conclusively, the course indeed exceeded my expectations. The materials arranged was detailed, not of the usual overview of general conceptual slide materials that other training providers are up with."

Omobhuda, Emmanuel. O
Maintenance Supervisor
Midwestern Oil and Gas Companey (Nigeria)

"It was such an outstanding course with great instructor."

yman A. A. Bashawri
Area Leader
Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co. Ltd (KSA)

"The course content is robust and rich in details, every area on essentials of rotating equipment were carefully analyzed, dissected in details including troubleshooting and repairs procedures. Also, the site visit to Abu Dhabi where we saw some machines undergoing repairs has also boost our learning process. My assessment of the training is excellent and is one of the best for the oil and gas/energy industries."

Marcus Amuche
Maintenance Supervisor
Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Ltd. (Nigeria)

"Actually this course was one of the best courses I ever attended. I gained a lot of information, and the instructor was perfect. Your close follow-up and communication also was excellent. Hope to join you in the future for another training."

Ali S. Ghamdi
Manager MTBE
Saudi European Petrochemical Company (KSA)

"Regarding the "Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving course that I had attended, it was a really informative course that we gained a lot information from, which is reflected in our day to day activity. The instructor and location are excellent. Based on what I mentioned above I'm really interested to have another scheduled course with the same vendor and instructor."

Khalid Mohammad Al-Hajri
Sr. Analyst EBS
Saudi Petrochemical Company (KSA)

"I need to say a lot to you as institute and to the instructor, I have never learned before like what I gained from this course, through the materials and the professional way of delivering the course from coordination until completion.  Any way I feel like I am between my family, you have fully taken care of customers, comfortable place, good materials by using the technology which, for me, is a first time I see such material in Haward Technology  Smart Kit format which makes it very easy to read in the future.

I appreciate Mr. William and his capability to convey the message to us. It was very clear and very nice and even he is a good listener to us by sharing with us our case study.  He shared a lot of case studies with us which enrich our knowledge and made it easy for us to understand. Maybe one day I will recommend to my company to join again with you, don’t hesitate and keep in touch any time for continual learning process."

Hasan Abdultif Khalel
Mechanical Engineer Manager
AFIA International Company (KSA) )

"I'm happy to express that i thoroughly enjoyed while attending Machinery Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) from December 14 to 18 organized by HAWARD in Dubai. Trainer was experienced and knowledgeable. Haward staff was very co-operative and provided nice hospitality."

Sive Sankara Rao
Area Engineer Mech. Power Maintenance
Emirates Aluminium (UAE)

"I really appreciate your follow up for the feedback about the course and instructor, actually it was great and it met our expectation and also the instructor (Mr. Eric) was great, helpful and patient for our questions, and also spared from his own time to clear some information we needed. I really thank him and also thank you too to select this great Instructor."

Abdulaziz S Al Najim
RCA Specialist, Maintenance & Technical Support
Jabail United Petrochemical Company (KSA)

"It was really great to have the course with Haward. Everything was well organized and excellent efforts were done to have good training. I felt at home with your nice hospitality. Prof. Ahmad was a father and instructor at the same time. We gained a lot from his long experience. Hope to join Haward in another training soon."

A. Al Quhtani

"Haward Technology is undoubtedly one of the best. I have learnt a lot from this very comprehensive, straightforward and instructive course. The course has given me a much better understanding of all the different interrelated applied principles in maintenance and reliability management. The Training Materials are superb, instructive, straightforward and easy to learn."

Rashed M. Rashed
Reliability & Data Management TL (US)

"We would like to thank Ms. Celine, Ms. Shaista, you and all of your team for your interest and effort to satisfy our requirements.We are happy with the first session of OHC safety training, you will be recommended and appreciated for future training courses required by our company according to our company needs along with KWTSTEEL fair tendering policy."

Mr. Ahmed Elrefai
Engineering & Document Control Officer Planning & Development